CYHacks - learn or compete

CYHacks is a 12 hour event that is held at Central York High School. (Generally, this type of event is called a Hackathon.) During the event, participants must complete a program, video, website, etc. that meets a specified criteria for a certain category.

Seminars will be offered during the event that anyone can attend to gather more information on these topics, as well as potentially explore more and different concentrations within Computer Science, rather than just programming.

Participants do not have to compete in the competition to participate in the event. They are more than welcome to come and use self paced resources, consult with our volunteers, and/or attend our seminars in order to learn more about Computer Science. Planned seminars include:  3D Printing, Audio, Breadboarding, Video Production. Event schedules to be announced.

Participants may work on the equipment at the school or bring your own laptop or iPad.  The Hub has Apple iMacs (MacOS El Capitan) and Mac Minis (MacOS Sierra).

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Event Schedule

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  • Participants: Individuals (middle school, high school or college students); Teams (up to 4 individuals)
  • Countries: United States


To Be Announced

How to enter

Sign up for CYHacks on this Devpost website. 

If you are not already registered with Devpost, you will need to register.  If you are not currently a college student, make sure to select 'No' to respond to the question of whether you are currently a student. Answering 'yes'  will bring up questions about your college that high school and middle school students will be unable to answer.


Cole Cox

Cole Cox
President of iTeam

Frances Musone

Frances Musone
Secretary of iTeam

Tyler Ellis

Tyler Ellis
Treasurer of iTeam

Cameron Buia

Cameron Buia
Former Programming Lead

Mary Bova

Mary Bova
iTeam Member

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How is the topic represented in the piece? Is it outside the box and unique?
  • Functionality
    Does the code / video run properly without errors and bugs? Do all the elements of the piece run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Organization
    Is the code neat and has comments throughout? Does the website / game / code look professional and organized?
  • Visual Appeal
    Does the piece look interesting? Are elements of color used in the piece to make it eye-catching?